Few pike anglers can claim to be equally at home when fishing rivers, lakes, gravel pits, lochs or loughs, and only someone who has fished as widely and exhaustively as Paul Gustafson can have gained the ability to catch specimen pike consistently from all five. With unique rigs of his own devising, items of tackle of his own invention and scientific discoveries about what pike see and how they are able to detect their prey without using their eyesight, he has broken down the barriers of man's knowledge of the species and opened the door to new and exciting techniques.

A pioneer of night fishing for pike, he is a firm believer that barometric pressure, temperature and light levels play an enormous part in determining their movements, even to the point whereby success and failure on a given water can be predicted by studying the weather. Paul's D.V.D.s show us how to choose and use the most effective tackle and techniques to catch this magnificent predator, and as an experienced naturalist he gives us a fascinating insight into how a pike lives, moves and seizes it's prey.

By reading his books or watching his DVD.s, anyone can develop a technique that will enable them to catch bigger pike when fishing in any location. This website is an inspirational guide to the species that will have everyone going back to their sport with renewed enthusiasm and considerably more potential for success.