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Two Swedish pike 24lb and 30lb
A 27 lb 8 oz fish caught on half a mackerel at long range, using my deadbait support rig. It is vitally important to remember where you have cast your baits, in order to repeat subsequent casts. Many big waters have only one or two hotspots, and you must place each bait within feet of known features, such as bars, submerged islands or shelves. Remember to spend time plumbing and finding these features, as it will pay dividends in the long run.
Baltic Lakes
Liso, The Baltic.
23 lb 12 oz
A fish of 23 lb 12 oz caught from deep water in the heat of the day. At midday, loch pike are inclined to take cover in the safety of the deeps. This one took a sardine on the bottom in twenty feet.
Boat fishing
Boat fishing is a unique experience akin to walking on water, and no one should turn their nose up without giving it a try.
Getting to grips with weirs is an apprenticeship, but they will yield rich rewards for the anglers that persevere. Each one has its own unique contours, character and obstructions to be discovered.
Dory boats
Flat-bottomed Dory boats are easy to stand in and very manoeuvrable.