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Fish of 24 lb 12 oz and 24 lb 8 oz in consecutive casts on half mackerel baits. Both fish were caught on the tip of a gravel bar in 5 ft of water.
motor pike
Water skiing on a motor pike - "I'm not even the best pike angler in Oxford"
Paul fishing at the T.C.Pit Oxford.
35lb caught from a gravel pit.
26 lb 12 oz
This is my second best river pike, a 26 lb 12 oz fish taken on a sink and draw roach while it was lying close to a bream shoal.
24 lb 8 oz
Waters that have had little attention from anglers do exist, like the one in Gloucestershire that produced this fish of 24 lb 8 oz.
35 lb
On my third cast with a sink-and-draw wobbled trout, this incredible pike came after the bait, broke the water as it took it and tore off. It pulled the scales down to an incredible 35 lb.
30 lb 4 oz
A 30 lb 4 oz and a 26 lb fish caught at long range on half mackerel baits. The north east bank of any gravel pit is always the first place to start. However, other features within any water can counteract this theory. It is, therefore, vital to spend time plumbing individual waters in order to locate other features.
Paul holding two mid 20's